Cobot VERA
Variass has demonstrated the work of their own developed cobot VERA (Variass Eerste (first) Robot Arm) on the event “Tangible Technics” in Drachten. About 2000 students and parents of practicle and secondary education came to the event, where they could meet 25 different companies that presented all kinds of future technics. With Variass the visitors could actually meet VERA and even programm her so she could give you a high-five!

The idea behind the event comes from the organisation TechNet Drachten. ‘If you want more students to choose for a technical carreer in the future, than you have to bring it to them now!’
Variass has been actively involved in projects that stimulate good technical education for many years.

3D printed mold for cobotsolding
Besides the development of cobot VERA, Variass has also developped (3D CAD) and printed a new mold for cobotsolding. The printing is executed with ESD-safe material so it can be applyed to our electronical products. Producing the mold ourselves gives us the advantage to make specific solutions to a product very quickly, and at the same time increasing the quality or reduce assemblycost significantly.

Both VERA and the mold were exposed this year on different industrial fairs in Hannover (Messe) and Frankfurt (Formnext) Germany.