Variass has been awarded illustrious awards on numerous occasions. Besides the Veendam Enterprise Award (2003) and the Dutch Industrial Supplier Award (2003), Variass received the Link Achievement Award and the Groningen Enterprise Award in 2007.


Link Achievement award

award1The Achievement Award issued by Link Magazine is an opus prize. A distinction made to a supplier that has proven to not be flash in the pan, but rather, has such a well-structured organisation that topics ranging from availability of materials, staff turnover and fluctuations in market demand can be superbly dealt with. And that is simultaneously able to remain constantly up-to-date with state-of-the-art processes and products. A secondary supplier that expertly knows how to execute its contracts is worth their weight in gold to a subcontractor; a secondary supplier that year in, year out knows how to manage this, is invaluable.

Groninger Enterprise award

award2During a stunning get-together at Martiniplaza in Groningen, Variass was designated Business of the Year within the province of Groningen in 2007. Mr Hans Alders, King’s Commissioner for the province of Groningen, awarded the Abel Tasman prize to director Henk Smid. Henk Smid: “I am immensely proud that we have won this prize, and that honour goes out to all the Variass staff, because we’ve achieved this together!” The jury under the chairmanship of the Financial Affairs Provincial Executive, Mr J.C. Gerritsen, revealed its decision in announcing Variass the winner was based on the following reasons: “Variass is a company that operates on a regional, national and international level, it is an innovative company that has been able to hold its own during onerous economic times. Moreover, the company has undergone considerable development in recent years; From assembler to producer and system supplier.”