Products for tomorrow’s market

As a system supplier and EMS specialist for client-specific electronic and mechatronic products and systems, Variass focuses on the Defence & Security, Medical and Industry markets.

We create a range of market and client-specific solutions for these markets.

Defence & Security
For the Defence & Security market Variass focuses on assembly (PCBA and boxbuilding). Within this sector, it primarily concerns high-mix, low- volume, high-complexity products that are assembled in accordance with IPC category 3.

Variass is AQAP: 2120 : 2009  accredited
Relevant project:  Boxer project

Variass has built up considerable knowledge of medical applications and products, guidelines and technical standards. Within the medical sector, we primarily focus on non-invasive medical and analytical products.

Variass is NEN-ISO 13485-2012 accredited.

Relevant project: Kidney Assist

As a system supplier and EMS specialist, Variass works for clients in a range of industrial market segments. Our product selection is vast, ranging from PCBAs and semi-finished products, up to and including finished end products.

Relevant project: PCBA Ontwikkeling